Mountain Tree Lotus Roots Bacteria House (S)


Filtration media with large colonization surface on reduced volume

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  • The surface area of the filtration media is increased by more than three times due to our patented lotus root and spiral structure (4,303 m2/l).
  • The media not only emits far infrared rays but also high values of anions (on average up to 400pcs/cm3), which makes the water alive and benefits the immune system and coloration of the fish.
  • Each piece of lotus root media is packaged with a protective net, which allows for safe shipping and increases the 3D spatial capacity for bacterial growth.
  • 80% water absorption rate certifies maximum efficiency of the filter media
  • Contains various minerals for fish, corals and plants, including K, Mg, Fe, Zn, Na, Ca, which improve the growth rate of fish bones while increasing their appetite and optimally balancing their blood conditions.