Mountain Tree Nitro Ring 5l


Greatly reduces high nitrite levels and keeps them low

45x28x20mm 5l/box

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Ecological filtration: 

Eco products have both mechanical and biological nitration capture solid organic waste and absorb highly toxic ammonia. Combine mechanical filtration and biological filtration together makes an ecological filtration

Biochemical filtration: 

Bio products perform biological filtration, include ammonia-nitrogen nitrification, and support both aerobic and anaerobic environment for nitrifying bacteria to multiply. Finally disintegrating harmful substances, maintain healthy water for fish.

Rough surface:

Rough surface accelerates the establishment of nitrification system

Lotus root structure:

Special lotus root provides more surface for bacteria development

Oblique section:

The oblique section can disrupt the flow of water to enhance the filtration efficiency

Micro hole:

Internal and external micro holes decompose nitrate into nitrogen and oxygen

Large surface:

Maximize surface area

Water absorption:

70% water absorption makes higher efficiency of biofiltration